London Lions Taking Over "Die Welt"

Last month the London Lions were contacted by German national daily newspaper, Die Welt, for comments on a story about Chinese takeovers in English football.

South London Lions Club Chairman, Cameron Hall, met with a reporter from the paper to share his views on Dr. Tony Xia and the new era at Aston Villa.

Here's a transcript translated into broken English, which gives you a taste of the article, which was published as a part of a four page spread on Sunday 18th September 2016...

"He makes it brilliant, absolutely brilliant." Cameron Hall shines. Those who know a little about British football fans know how rare is the expression of satisfaction in this milieu. Normally motzen the fans, nothing suits them. Rooms are openly striker lame, blind goalkeepers, referees debil, wins too low, too high defeats. Hall has since the age of 10. Aston Villa fan and the past five years have been hell. Hall grasps the onomatopoeic word "cluster fuck" together - his club was a hopeless disaster. Last season was so bad that the fans have spit on their own players. Finally they got earned from the second division.

But then Dr. Tony. So the Savior called by Aston Villa fans, because no one knows how the Chinese surname Xia is pronounced correctly. Listening to Cameron Hall for a while, one gets the impression of Dr. Tony as a kind of benevolent archangel. The new Chinese owners, Domestic manufacturers of food additives, is a deliverer, a savior. Although Aston Villa still lost and has brought in the first six games of the season only six points, all with Dr. Tony will be fine. Meanwhile, the young, bald football is safe. When he would wonder about their own euphoria, repeatedly Hall in a faint echo: "Really. Absolutely brilliant he does it. "

It is not so that fans the new owner from China anything - would give - let alone undeserved confidence. The despair is large, but so great but then again not. As chairman of the "Aston Villa London Lions", the official fan club of the association in the British capital, Hall was passed over to old games to show from the past, from the time when Aston Villa still knew how profits will go. At this year's Christmas party the Cup final will run from 1994 against Manchester United. "We finally again see a game in which we know from the beginning that we will win." Nevertheless reacted Hall and the other members with the same skepticism to the news that a Chinese wanted to buy their club, as on all the news from Birmingham. In May this year, shortly after the descent, the deal was done perfectly.

"He came out of nowhere," says Hall commemorates the arrival of the archangel and wipes in the hot late summer sun the sweat from his forehead. "No one knew anything about him." They only knew that Dr. Tony Xia had the "fit and proper person test" survived. Since it has come under multi-millionaires and billionaires fashionable to buy into the British Premier League, each potential owner of a great English or Scottish football clubs of this kind thorough investigation must undergo. This is to prevent that clubs are drawn back into the bankruptcy of shady entrepreneurs.

Since Dr. Tony Aston Villa calls his own, three months have elapsed passed by which Hall is fully satisfied. The reason for his unusual confidence is the same that can be heard in other clubs environment that have been adopted by the Chinese.

Even Alan Cleverly, the chairman of the fan club of West Bromwich, believes that will go up better for his club under "the Chinese". The name of the new owner Lai Guochuan can not say here. And Robert Reid, lifelong supporter of Manchester City, also does not mind that the investor China Media Capital has purchased 13 percent of shares in the summer.

They all share a belief in the power of money. British fans it has long no matter where it comes from, what it takes to succeed in the most expensive league in the world. There are millions who are needed and not hundreds of millions, but billions. And because such sums have only the global superrich left, the fans are not picky when it comes to their nationality. Xenophobia British football can be long no longer afford - because otherwise there would be no more players, no coach and no money. The British Premier League is the most international in the world in every way.

To honor the fans of Chelsea Roman Abramovich for what he did to her club. And the fans of Manchester City "worship the Sheikh on" as Robert Reid puts it. On Games home the Fan Curve is adorned with a huge bright blue banner that says, in English and in Arabic: "Manchester thanks you, Sheikh Mansour".

Even Cameron Halls enthusiasm for Dr. Tony based on its generosity. In the three months Aston Villa has spent more money than any other club in the second division. As for the willingness to invest, the club is already there, where Dr. Tony wants to see him in football in the foreseeable future. He says that he wants to Aston Villa at the best club in the world.

Instead, he has bought a new coach, a new assistant coach, a new club manager, a number of new players and he has the club for a lot of money of "dead wood" freed as Cameron Hall with dull contempt calls in the voice disappointing players.

"Dr. Tony, it seems really serious about, "he says," the new hires make sense. "And then summarizes the whole Hall perfidious logic of the multi-billion dollar modern football in a tight set together. "Finally," says Cameron Hall and handled around with happy smile on his cell phone until he has Dr. Tony tweeds on the screen, "finally it feels again like a real football club and not as a business." He freed his forehead again by welding. "It can go but up now."

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